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If you live in Sacramento, or just wish you do (or you used to... or you're close... or whatever), feel free to join! Any of these people are welcome, as well as anyone else who wants to join. :)

We've had a few gatherings that were all big hits, and I'm hoping we'll have quite a few more. :)

Please consider these guidelines when posting here:

Feel free to post items of local interest here, but try to keep general journal posts to your own journal. Discussion of local events and questions about the area are fine; non-constructive posts with no relevant information are not. These are just examples, but please use good judgement.

Please do not advertise other communities here without asking for the maintainer's permission first. I can be reached via email using this form. Please mention in the message that this is in reference to the Sacramento community.

If you wish to post an image larger than 480x480 (or more than one image in a single post) to the community, please either link to the image or use the <lj-cut> tag. Information about lj-cut can be found on this FAQ page. All images, regardless of size and whether or not they're behind a cut, must be "worksafe."

Before posting, please consider whether your post is better suited for a more specific Sacramento community. Some of the other communities are:

If you have questions about the community in general, or about a specific post, you are welcome to email the maintainer.

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